Top 8 highest paid keyword on adsense in 2021

Top 8 highest paid keyword on adsense in 2021

Making money online is not a piece of cake.It requires not only hard work but smart work also.In the fast running world you have to be specific and Clever enough to choose what is running the market.To become successful adsense publisher one needs alot of traffic on the site . Moreover , the ads on the site are important tool to make adsense successful.In order to make your site successful and profitable both at the same time you have to choose words and key words wisely. You can either write simple blog and earn few cents or you can wisely choose most paying words and write about it and earn well.

following is the list of top paid words of 2021 :


1 . Insurance and loans

2. Gas electricity

3. Mortgage



6.confrence call


The word insurance went upto $61 per each click and Gas/Electricity goes for $58 cpc and Loans $50 . Down the line the word mortgage exceed upto $46 count per click . Similarly Attorney $48 , Lawyer $42 Donate $42 Conference Call $42 and Credit for $38 per click . The organization linked to these words have high customer value and adds for these companies have big viewership . These were the words not only searched most but companies paid highest on these words articles ads.

The adds will display in between the blog or article post and companies which gives those adds will pay to the adsense site owners.The most paid word is insurance , so insurance companies have invested alot more than others this year on their adds .

The main reason behind is that the insurance word is more searched and inquire word on sites this year .this could be called as marketing strategy as well .

In order to choose right key word one should learn to search a right word or highly paid key word to form a niche . There are alot of prominent softwares which can help with that . Moreover, Key word selection should be more customer centric not information oriented. Searchers are more inclined towards writing their own language or meanings rather than standard one.

Another important thing is that the word which have longer tails and more descriptive are most favorite for the searcher to look for . Rather than writting a specific one single term searcher will go for easy description of that very thing .So, this is why the more easily understandable and long tail words are more likely to search and ultimately get paid well . Moreover , words selection should be compatible with marketing charts.

Companies for their adds should be careful of the following criteria , good quality words can lower your cost per word and help you less paid for the most paid keyword. Searching the proper words and separately dividing bigger words into smaller ones, more targeted words,being specific: special target specific, few keywords. Google AdWords tool can b used with ideas, which have broad and long tail keyword. Irrelevency can cost more and increase per click cost .so it is necessary to understand the data before coming into business.

Its very hard or nearly impossible to be the part of these target words list. It requires alot of money , marketing strategy and SEO work and expertise .A middle level writer can choose niche related to these words or long tail words. For example , insurance word can be used in extended meaning as insurance of cars in Pakistan or insurance benefits for poor class etc.

Further more , other than these words there are alots of classes and words falls under those classes which can be pay well .For example people most curious about some disease and class of newly developed machines , cars or smart phones So, other expensive words which can pay well are




Talking about statistics , per one click a word can earn you from five cents to 50 + dollars . Companies are paying lots of dollars for their ads in America and Australia . Words highest paid started from 54dollar cost per click and last on to few cents. Average words paid highest fall into 30 dollar or more in this year. There are more chances these will go up in further years.

Even search related to specific companies are more inclined. The companies have higher customer and revenue are more likely to pay more. But ,to fulfill the demands of these companies and selection of niches is quite a deal. Hence, the Google ads have become big market for writer and provide big opportunity for companies to have larger scale viewership. So it is dire need to understand the whole phenomena and then come into business.

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