Top 5 best website builder of 2021

Website building software  are a best  for people and businesses to start a website. It gives opportunity to start website without developer. Developers charge a lot for the website and services .Moreover you don’t know anything at the end of making. However, finding the best website builder can be tough for the person who starts website. There are a lot of website builders in the market ,so to find perfect one could be tricky. There are many criteria on which website should be compatible to be best website .In the race of so many builders there are few which are chosen and tried by many so these are what you call the perfect website.

There are alot of website builders in the market . Its really hard to find one best for your work. In this article we will help you to find the criteria and best app for your website with pricing.


Following are the top 5 best website builders which will surely help you build your website and establish your business.





Criteria for Best Website Builder to choose

There are a lot of factors which are essential and determined for the best website .following are some best criteria.

Easy to use – the website builder must be easy to use for should have, p editing tools and other customization options.

Less price – as the competetion is tough everyone look for which website builder gives best price. Either it free domain, email and business option. Or in case If not  then how much small business owner has to pay on extra costs. There should be reasonable pricing and package to build website.

Features –  the website builder should  offer many website templates and offer to add other features like Google Analytics and  marketing tools.

Design – builders design should be competitive and it must be able to attach other features like third party marketing tools.

Customer Support – There should be 24/7 customer support and easy acess for the users. User can approach anytime for help and support. Questions and commands should be resolve on priority.

Data ownership – beginners normally ignore this and don’t think about it, but it is necessary we should check it with extra attention specially in case of  service  and make sure to own data.

Word Press the most popular website building platform.  More than  40 % of websites on the internet are powered by Word Press . WordPress is top of the list in the best website builders because its popular,amazing features, features, design and easy to use. WordPress is a free and open for everyone website builder. This gives you very high control on your website as compare to any other online website builder available.

Moreover , there will be need of account and host your own website .it gives you overall control on every area  of your website. You  can be use it to build any kind of website. simple website, marketing page ,community pages, and many other pages can be made on it .

.There are a lot of themes and templates of it which can be used to make website ,and you can create your own page layout. creating your own page  using a drag-and-drop option and editor.

Other multiple options like shopping cart , gallery ,social media tools,live chats,various languages and other analytical tools. These all smart tools help to build special features WordPress is cheepest builder in the market .For all the reasons above, so, it is the no 1website builder  for business owners, bloggers, web developers, and web designers.

However in wordpress one will have to  manage own website which means you have to learn  yourself with a new system. learning is easy for old users,it could be bit difficult in the beginning.

WordPress is a free  builder.  A domain name will be needed  and web hosting to get your website which cost 15 dollar per year .

web,com is builder is with all the powerful features that one could ask for .it also have ability to add photo galleries, videos, social media buttons and many more.

You can add many pages to your website and  design each website page properly.  and they also provide opportunity customize the design for  various devices (desktop, tablet, and mobile phones).other  tools related to commerce  let you add many  products,  accept credit card payments and  online payment and  track & manage order and more. plans have free domain name, business address & backup features,  emails, security of website  SEO tools and other website tools.

There is also chat and phone support so you can talk to their web experts whenever  you need. However , The blogging functionality in is low and not even close to WordPress. Its  pricing starts from  $1.95 per month for website starter plan which have their plan website builder with  hundreds of beautiful templates, thousands of  images, and  free domain also.

This website builder have marketing plan which starts from  $2.95 per month, and it also have extra SEO features to help you rank best.

Wix,com is another famous cloud based website software. It offers easy to use also come with a amazing set of features which help you easily build your website.

Wix website  is a fully hosted website platform. Therefore there is no need to pay for hosting. There is a  access to hundreds of templates to select for website’s design. Each template can be editable with the help of drag options. This is one of the best software to build a website with a lot of multiple options of seo tools and editing , gallery and security options and tool.

Wix has also build in artificial design intelligence which design a beautiful websites. Other than of templates, Wix also have options dozens of free apps that you can install on your website. These apps let your app more functional and add features to your website. Some and others are created by third-party developers.

It  offers a free plan with less bandwidth and storage. However this program can be used to check drag and drop  option of website builder. It does not have a domain name option . so, to keep your website, then you need to upgrade to a premium plan.

If you ever decide to quit using this website you will find it quite hard  to do so. Their  Domain plan  costs $9.16 per month only give option of  connecting a custom domain name so domain name have to buy separately. Wix  connect a domain for $9.16 per  starts at $14.95/month and it comes with a free domain name. The ecommerce plan cost $26.25 per month.

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